Tarragona spain

Rambla nova

The main avenue of Tarragona city.

Description of la rambla

Rambla of Tarragona
Rambla nova of Tarragona.

The main avenue of the city of Tarragona Rambla Nova, which crosses the city in the middle.
It is an iconic street of the city with a generously wide pedestrian zone in the center through which we can have a nice walk as we discover several sculptures and fountains that give it the special touch of the culture of the area.

This street starts at the Imperial Tarraco Square, in the city center, ending on "El balcón del Mediterraneo" which can be translated as "The Mediterranean sea balcony", a charming lookout point just above a huge cliff from which we have beautiful views of the sea.

On both sides of the street have all kinds of shops where you can buy everything, from clothes to cars. At the end of the street, approaching the sea, we see more and more bars and ice cream shops where you can drink a beer or eat an ice cream outdoors enjoying the light breeze that enter in the promenade from the sea.

To see on the Rambla

Rambla Nova has some sculptures and fountains I think it's worth naming.

Old man sitting sculpture
Grandfather sitting statue.

Some of them will surprise you with its originality and make you feel that combination of surprise and disbelief when you discover something unexpected that makes you smile. An example of this might be the statue of the old man that you can see in the above image. This peculiar metal sculpture located on the top of the Rambla and gives us the chance to take a serfie with the city´s grandfather or sit with him to feed the pigeons.

The most important fountain of the Rambla is the "font del centenari", which was inaugurated in 1954 to commemorate the centenary of the Rambla. This source has four precious stone sculptures symbolizing the four cardinal points.

Font del centenari
Fountain of the centenary of the Rambla nova.

Comment that this fountain was restored and moved to its present location during the decade of the 90s, because it was originally a few blocks up the street.

In the Rambla, although there are many curiosities to see that will let you discover on your own, there is a monument which for its spectacularity and connection with the culture of the area i think it is worthy of its own section.

Monument als Castells

Monument to the castles
Monument als castells.

The Monument als Castells, which can be translated as "monument to the castles" from catalan, is at the beginning of the Rambla, near of Imperial Tarraco square.

This is a huge sculpture representing a castell, which is a Catalan tradition in which a "colla" composed of many people create a compact base whith their bodis clutching together and then the other members begin to climb up on the shoulders of these forming one floor where the other members will rise climbing and they will also create floor by floor to form a human tower which can have up to 10 floors easily measuring more than 10 meters high.

The castles are a spectacular tradition,unique in the world that can only be seen in Catalonia and is very well reflected in this spectacular stone sculpture with 8 meters high which it is located in the central pedestrian area of Rambla nova.

Comment that I personally find very advisable activity to see, especially if you have the chance to see a castell from close because like a human tower that reaches a very important weight and height usually is a little unstable, sometimes even it falls before getting to completed, so if you see it from close, especially if you've never seen before, it will make you feel a sense of risk that takes you to understand the value, concentration and adrenaline that put the components of the colla to reach such impressive heights.

Usual activities

Tuesdays and Thursdays in the morning from 8:00 to 14:00 is mounted on the Rambla Nova the mercadillo, an excellent opportunity to buy all kinds of clothes very cheap, very fresh food products and all kinds of things.

Fridays from 8:00 to 14:00 in the central part of the promenade is made the rastro. It is an used items and antique market in which you can find all sorts of things, such as books, paintings, gift items...